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Phoenix Wellness Consulting is a progressive company specializing in Bowen Body Therapy, PSYCH-K® and Business Consulting. We are equipped to service your Individual or Corporation requirements to achieve success. Documented clinical studies endorse the efficacy of Bowen Therapy sessions, illustrating the benefits of removing the side effects of stress from your body.

Equally, it is phenomenal how clearly PSYCH-K® can unburden you of disabling behavior either in your personal or business world. You will be amazed at the noticeable differences in less time and cost than you may have previously experienced using other services. NP-Bowen Therapy combined with PSYCH-K® are measurably effective in achieving balance of the whole picture: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

In our tireless search for the most optimum connection of the body to the heart - and to the soul, we have incorporated what we found to be the most cost effective methods toward achieving personal and/or business success.

“Patty has a rare gift for making her clients comfortable and quickly developing trust. I received enormous relief from the very first treatment. She is also incredibly tactful. During the treatments I am so relaxed that I fall asleep – not a quiet process. When I asked, with some apprehension, if she heard me snoring, her reply indicated that she only heard me relaxing!
Of particular value to me was the explanation of the therapy I was receiving – definitely adds greatly to the trust and healing process.”

Marilyn Rognvaldson

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