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Patricia Levesque

Practice all actions with integrity and high ethical standards.
Facilitate others to be healthy on all four levels– physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
Model and mentor to others through example and encouragement by walking my talk through positive expression and action.

Phoenix Wellness Consulting was established in 2001with the purchase of Eletro-Dermal Screening equipment and has evolved into an all encompassing health facilitating and consulting service. For a lifetime now I have ardently researched literally thousands of therapeutic principles. I believe I have left no stone unturned to find the ultimate holistic approach to betterment. My journey began with extensive training; eventually leading to formal education and accreditation in: Spiritual Healing, Botanical Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Bowen Therapy and PSYCH-K®.

In this busy and technologically complex world, many elements effect us in adverse ways that historically were not a concern. Our lives are longer, awareness is heightened and our physical condition is a higher priority than ever before. For these reasons it has become my overwhelming purpose to address our individual needs physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally; to strive toward the best definition of ‘wholeness’ available today. Phoenix Wellness has exacted the most formidable way to facilitate Your Path to Healthy Living quickly and economically.

Having been successful in the corporate community prior to Phoenix Wellness, I also offer coaching or mentoring toward entrepreneurial business success as an adjunct of personal healing. At this level, our reach can influence Wellness to an audience that may effectively alter the dynamics of an environment, or simply to inspire others to give what we have been given....

Bowen Practitioner Training
(Bowtech Academy of Australia
& Bowen College Inc. Canada)

Basic and Advanced                                            
Neurostructural Integration Technique      PSYCH-K® Facilitator Training
Animal Communication – Level 4
(Cedar Lane Farm)
Diploma’s in Spiritual Healing:
Botanical Medicine;
Vibrational Medicine
(College of International Holistic Studies)
Canadian Examining Board of Health
Care Practitioner Certifications:

CBHT – Certified Bowen Health Therapist;
CCHP – Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner;
REHP – Registered Etheric Health Practitioner

R.E.H.P., C.C.H.P., C.B.H.T